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Free set of 10 polygonal background photos

by christos on September 22, 2014 7 comments

A free set of 10 polygonized photographs in high resolution. Download and use them as background images for your print or web projects and feel free to share.

Amazing images from unsplash.com







christosFree set of 10 polygonal background photos

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  • Sarah - October 2, 2014 reply

    Simple and elegant. 🙂

    Dimitrios Pantazis - October 2, 2014 reply

    Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Lauren - April 14, 2015 reply

    Love all of these! What was your process for creating them? Is it a pattern, or is each box have an individual transparency?

    christos - April 28, 2015 reply

    You can use them as a bg in your projects. The images are plain jpg files so you can’t change the transparency of the boxes

  • Deco - October 23, 2015 reply

    I really like it! What was the process for creating them? Any tutorial? tks!

  • Daniel T. - December 13, 2015 reply

    thanks! been looking for this for a while!

  • Mike - February 16, 2016 reply

    I love these photos, how did you create them?

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