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by Manos Proistakis on May 26, 2014 Comments Off on davidsneal

I am quite simply amazed by this theme.
I purchased it oblivious to the fact that it included a WordPress theme, happy to pay the $55 for html alone with the intention of mashing it into a theme myself. Of the 50+ themes I have installed in my time, this one is in another league altogether. I would have been willing to pay 2/3 times the price I did.
The options available are overwhelming. The child theme included is a great touch, along with the custom swatches/post types and the automatic updates. Seriously, wow.
I’ve not even touched on the design, but you can all see that for yourself. The only thing I would change us that I wish I was the sole owner. Great work guys!

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Manos Proistakisdavidsneal


by Manos Proistakis on May 26, 2014 Comments Off on redgular

Thank you guys. The woocommerce update looks great. I can’t believe you did it so fast.
If anyone is on the fence (unsure) about this theme, I have to say you shouldn’t be.
Oxygenna is excellent on support. And they really do listen to their customers.

Thanks Oxygenna, Danny

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Manos Proistakisredgular


by Manos Proistakis on May 26, 2014 Comments Off on junjau

Christos Pantazis is the quickest and most helpful guy I’ve ever met on Themeforest. His theme is awesome and if you need to alter it under the hood, he responds so quickly. I could hardly believe. Big plus for his support and a big plus for his amazing theme.

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Manos Proistakisjunjau


by Manos Proistakis on May 26, 2014 Comments Off on dobleclic

Lovely Theme!!! Best theme on the market, for sure! No Support Needed!!! Works Like a Charm!!! Wow, Wow, Wow > You rock mate! wonderful … I’m loving it… Muchas Gracias!

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Manos Proistakisdobleclic


by christos on May 22, 2014 Comments Off on trials01

Has everything designed to help anyone build an awesome site. I purchased many themes, found that most were limited to get you what you wanted in appearance without out purchasing additional plugins. This theme has it all !!!!! Worth every penny !!!

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