• Victor Matamoros
    Victor Matamoros - reply

    Hi. Great art. I want to know what version of Illustrator did you use because i want to open the Illustrator file with Cs6 but come out a message that was generated on a new version and only open the stormtrooper vector.
    I open the photoshop file and i double click on the layer of each art and don’t have any problem opened on Illustrator.

  • Chi
    Chi - reply

    Hi, I love the artwork and wanted to have the illustrator file but I had the same problem as the above. Any chance you upload it as CS 6?

    Dimitrios Pantazis
    Dimitrios Pantazis - reply

    Hello there, thanks a lot. I will send the file to your email 🙂

    Sylvia Ann Camille Ruiz
    Sylvia Ann Camille Ruiz - reply

    Nice work!!! 🙂 Tried downloading it as well, I have the same problem, I can AI file is available for the stormtrooper only 🙁 Is there any way I can get the rest of the characters? 🙂
    Thank yoU!

    christos - reply

    Hi there, there is only one layer visible, but if you go to the layers windows on your .ai you’ll be able to turn the visibility on for all the others

  • Niki
    Niki - reply

    this is so cute! awesome job ;D

  • Sylvia Ruiz
    Sylvia Ruiz - reply

    Love your artwork! 🙂 I tried downloading but I can only view AI file of the StormTrooper. Is there any way to get the rest of the icons?
    Thank yoU! 🙂

  • liz padilla
    liz padilla - reply

    Hi! guys! amazing job, I want to buy you a beer of course, but I can´t download the illustratator version! can you help me and cheers!!
    Thank you,

    christos - reply

    HI Liz, send us an email at info@oxygenna.com and we’ll send you over the .ai file 😉

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