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FAST WordPress Support Ticket Plugin offers a complete support solution for your business and it’s super FAST!  A customer that is kept waiting is an unhappy one.  FAST is so fast it’s just like chatting to your customers.  FAST is also super customisable, use it for handling general enquiries, product support, WooCommerce order support or Envato Marketplace support.

Save yourself $$$ by using FAST! No need to pay for a subscription to a support service.  FAST runs on your WordPress server with any theme!  Also unlike other available plugins where you have to pay $$$ for add ons / extra features, FAST has no hidden extras.  It’s the complete package!

Fast Support plugin - Fast as chat

FAST Features

  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Unlimited Agent & Customer Users
  • Support Unlimited Products
  • Super Fast (it’s like being in a chat room!)
  • Assign Agents – FAST will distribute tickets to agents as they arrive
  • Customizable Ticket Fields – Add your own fields to get more information from your customers.
  • Saved Replies – Save your most common replies for quick responses.
  • Ticket Attachments – Attach images / files to your responses
  • Search Tickets – Manage tickets easily with our advanced search
  • Quick Hi – Button adds Hi + name of customer to top of your ticket response
  • Secure Fields – Store ticket information externally using secure fields
  • Internal Comments – Make comments on tickets that are only seen by agents not customers
  • Auto Close – Set a timespan that tickets will automatically be closed
  • FavIcon Counter – Just look at the browser tab to see if you have tickets that need a response.
  • Support any Envato product with FAST
  • Envato Products – Link your Envato Account to support all your products
  • Envato Login – Customers can log in using their Envato account
  • Verify Envato Purchases – FAST will show you if all your customers purchase information.
  • View Envato Support Period – Make sure your customers still have support for your product.
  • FAST can be used with any WooCommerce eshop
  • WooCommerce Support – WooCommerce customers can create tickets using their WooCommerce account and order.
  • My Orders Button – Adds support buttons to WooCommerce Shop Orders Page
  • Keep notified about your tickets
  • Email Notifications – Customers & Agents will recieve an email when their ticket has a response.
  • Slack Notifications – Keep track of your whole support team, FAST will post a message when any ticket is replied / created / assigned
  • Email Piping – Respond to tickets using only email!
  • Runs on a single WordPress Page
  • Works with any theme
  • 10 Amazing color schemes
  • Translatable via .po files
  • Famous 100% solid support
  • and much more

Fast Support plugin - Fast as chat

Fast Support plugin - The choice of elite Authors

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Jul 16, 2019
May 6, 2017
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