Connecting Angular 6 to WordPress

by langan on June 4, 2018 No comments

We love Angular and we also love WordPress. So lets make them friends forever.

In this tutorial we will create a new Angular 6 application, connect it to a WordPress site and make a nice Material Design blog list page of it’s posts.

So let’s get started and use the Angular CLI to spin up a new app.

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langanConnecting Angular 6 to WordPress

Monstrous March SALE!!

by langan on March 8, 2018 No comments

Oxygenna’s Monstrous March Sale is now on!

As part of Envato’s March Sale Oxygenna has a 40% discount on 3 of our top themes and plugins!

Lambda WordPress Theme, Verso WordPress Theme & FAST Support Ticket plugin are all 40% off. Offer ends 15th of March!

Click the banners below to get to our on Sale items.

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langanMonstrous March SALE!!

FAST Support Ticket Plugin – 1.12.0 (RTL & Public Tickets)

by langan on January 22, 2018 No comments

In this release we have fixed some issues that users reported when using the plugin with FireFox and iOS.  We also added some new useful features.  Now customers can search the ticket system and view other customers tickets, this will help your customers find support even if your team is offline.  We also added support to the plugin for RTL languages.

Some users have requested the ability to use the FAST email piping system in conjunction with online forms for example Contact Form 7.  The 1.12.0 update allows you to do this, so now you can create as many online forms as you need and they can all be linked into your FAST support system.

Version 1.12.0 Changelog

  • Feature Customers can now search public tickets
  • Feature Added RTL support
  • Feature New option to use Reply-To header in email piping.
  • i18n New Russian translation (thanks Alisa)
  • Fix Better font rendering in FireFox
  • Fix Autofill passwords fixed on login page fixed for FireFox
  • Fix Shortcut dialog text is now translatable.
  • Fix New ticket card now uses more width of the screen.
  • Fix IOS now not zooming on input element focus

Full changelog can be found here

Buy FAST Plugin Here

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langanFAST Support Ticket Plugin – 1.12.0 (RTL & Public Tickets)

Triangular, 200+ sales and new features coming!

by langan on July 16, 2015 No comments

After the release of our Material Design Admin Template Triangular we have received some amazing feedback from people who used it. With more than 200 sales we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who purchased. We are currently working on some new features, so stay tuned for some amazing updates!

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langanTriangular, 200+ sales and new features coming!