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  • michelle - April 20, 2015 reply

    i want to buy this theme but have a question and cant go via support (no product code)
    ​I love the new coming soon page but I would like to know if I can add merge some elements of each together.
    my ideal page:
    The basic template will be like the coming soon page
    when you scroll down, in addition to the section ‘Few things about Lambda’ (on the coming soon template) I will have more sections for product information, like the one page sections of the landing page template
    I do not want a header/banner like the landing page but a smooth stream of text/image sections ending at the bottom with a signup/buy now section
    is this possible? I can send you a picture I created of the page

    Manos Proistakis - April 20, 2015 reply

    Hi Michelle,
    yes, you can add all the above to your page! We will be happy to provide you with more guidance in case you need any help 🙂
    Feel free to open a ticket in our support forums at any time!

    Michelle - April 20, 2015 reply

    Thank you purchasing now 🙂

    Guilherme - December 14, 2015 reply

    This weisbte makes things hella easy.

  • michelle - April 20, 2015 reply

    does this theme also work with this instagram plug in https://wordpress.org/plugins/instagram-feed/screenshots/
    thank you

    Manos Proistakis - April 20, 2015 reply

    I am afraid I cannot guarantee that this plugin is fully compatible with Lambda since it has not been tested for this.
    Regards 🙂

    Dharmraj - December 14, 2015 reply

    Thinking like that is really imeispsrve

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